Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day, July 4th

Now for some BBQ ribs, a cold beer, and a comfortable spot!

Fix It–How to write engaging newsletters subscribers will read

Twenty-six exclamation points, 70 words in all caps (not counting headlines), and 876 asterisks. All in one grindingly boring, I-want-to-rip-my-eyeballs-out eNewsletter from my friendly state senator. To be fair, she does seem to be genuinely passionate about being a politician.  She obviously wants to show her constituents how much she cares while imparting valuable information,Continue Reading

Friday Fun- Cronuts

After reading about the new frenzy for Cronuts (croissant-doughnut hybrid) in New York,  I decided to make a meme to celebrate.

Three ways to make your business more visible to customers

Sometimes getting your customer to see your business is like trying to see the Milky Way in the night sky of a major city. Much the same way light pollution conceals the stars, the “pollution” of competing social media messages can make a business nearly invisible. So, how do you attract a customer’s attention?  HowContinue Reading

Fix-It: Your Email Subject Lines Suck

About six weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with one of the owners of a local retail chain. Both of us happened to be in one of his stores at the same time, so I decided to say hi. I had been getting their company emails for a couple of months, and noticed aContinue Reading

Two words that tripled a customer’s traffic

Sometimes it’s the obvious things that trip us up.  For instance, I’ve been working with a client in the home improvement industry, trying to identify areas where they might make some changes to boost sales. They have a strong, positive presence in their local area and have been in the remodeling business for many years.Continue Reading

How to Use Blog Reviews and Giveaways: Part Five–Sample Tutorial Campaign

Here’s a sample blog review and giveaway campaign to show you how to put everything together. Please keep in mind, this is simplified, and your campaign may have more or less components depending on what you wish to accomplish. Scenario: For the purpose of this tutorial, I will use a fictional health and personal care companyContinue Reading

How to Use Blog Reviews and Giveaways: Part Four–Emailing Bloggers

Part Four: 8 Tips for Effective Emails to Bloggers Now that you’ve got a targeted list of bloggers, it’s time  to contact them so you can get your campaign rolling. I suggest developing an email template to be sure you are sending out a comprehensive message. Here are some tips to creating a good emailContinue Reading

How to Use Blog Reviews and Giveaways: Part Three–Choosing the Right Blogs

Part Three: Choosing the right blogs–use these 8 steps to prepare an effective strategy  Go over the lists of your ideal customer traits and the goals for your campaign. You will use this  information to vet blogs for your marketing campaign. Having this information is essential to success. For example, I did a phone consultation withContinue Reading

How to Use Blog Reviews and Giveaways: Part Two–Target Markets and Setting Goals

Part Two: Determining your target market and setting marketing goals Determine your target market. If you have not already done so, it’s time to determine your IDEAL customer. Yes, everyone “might” buy your merchandise, but the point is to target the customer who will be the most interested in your product. Let’s say you’re sellingContinue Reading